Property division and alimony can be major issues in a divorce

Property division and alimony can be major issues in a divorce

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Many divorce cases in New Jersey involve minor children, thereby making issues such as child custody and child support the most important issues to address. However, there are also many divorce cases involving couples who either do not have children together or who have children who are no longer minors. In those types of cases, property division and alimony can be the major issues to address.

Why the conflict?

Unfortunately, even with the number of issues narrowed down, these divorce cases can still become complex in a hurry. For starters, sometimes it can be hard to determine which assets and debts, exactly, are part of the “marital property” that must be divided among the soon-to-be ex-spouses. In some cases, valuing property can be complicated. And then, of course, even when everything is properly identified and valued, divorcing spouses can still fight over every asset and debt involved in the case.

Alimony can be just as contentious. Many people tend to think that it is just husbands ordered to pay alimony to wives, but that isn’t always the case these days. It can be the other way around. Deciding the alimony issue in a divorce case in New Jersey can lead to a high amount of resentment and bitterness.

Focus on legal issues

But, if divorcing spouses are able – to some extent – to put aside their emotions and focus on the legal issues that need to be addressed in the case, they may find that everything goes just a bit smoother and quicker. After all, the goal of couples in a divorce case is oftentimes to get it behind them as soon as possible.