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Protecting Families For More Than Two Decades

When your legal concerns hit home, it can change every aspect of your life. How can you ensure that your divorce doesn't damage your financial future? Can you protect your relationship with your children? Do you have the right plan in place? Working with the right attorney can help you answer the questions that you have and guide you through every step of the legal process.

We understand the importance of protecting what matters most when you have a family law concern. We have served New Jersey families for over 20 years, and we will use that experience to help you achieve the best possible results. Whether you are adopting a new child into the family, facing the end of a marriage or working to ensure that your children have what they need as your family situation changes, we can help you create a plan that protects your rights and makes your wishes known.

The Guidance You Need In Life's Changes

No matter which aspect of your life is changing, you want legal counsel who will advocate for your interests and give you the insight you need to make informed decisions. Our attorneys can assist you with a wide variety of family law concerns, including:

  • Adoption – When a new child enters your family, there are a variety of legal documents that need to be considered.
  • Child custody and support – Your attorney can help you put a plan in place that is in your child's best interest and also protects your rights as a parent.
  • Coparenting agreements – If you are creating a child custody and support agreement, you may want to lay out a co-parenting plan to establish other aspects of how you will parent.
  • Divorce – The end of your marriage is a challenge whether your divorce is amicable or includes significant conflict. Your attorney will help you.
  • Division of property – The fair division of your property in a divorce can be a challenge, but we can assist you with even complex property division. This includes high-asset divorces that involve business ownership, real estate and other high-value property.
  • Enforcing and modifying existing agreements – If you have experienced a change in your life situation, you may need to modify your child support, child custody or spousal support agreement. You can also defend against an order that isn't fair to you and your situation.

Many of your legal goals could be achieved through collaboration without the need for a judge's intervention. Through approaches like arbitration or mediation, you can negotiate your divorce agreement, child custody or child support. This allows you to make your voice heard and ensure that your needs are understood throughout the process.

When you need a supportive and skilled attorney to assist you with your family law concern, we will stand by your side and advocate for your needs. We will work directly with you to fully answer your questions and ensure that you have what you need as you enter this new stage of your life.

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