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We Protect Your Parental Rights And Your Child’s Best Interests

Custody and co-parenting is always a source of friction when parents break up. You want what's best for your child, yet there are many obstacles, from different parenting styles to the logistics of where your child will live.

We help you strike the right balance so you can move forward with parenting arrangements that are healthy and workable for everyone involved. Our family law attorney has 25 years of experience in resolving custody disputes and advocating for clients when their parental rights are threatened.

Smart Counsel For Child Custody And Support

Whether you are divorcing with kids or you were not married but have children together, you have the same parental rights under New Jersey law. Jay Turnbach can help you address all facets of divorce and all issues relating to your children, such as:

  • Temporary orders for custody and child support
  • Contested proceedings to determine child custody
  • Negotiating parenting plans
  • Deviation from child support guidelines
  • Move-away petitions (parent relocation)
  • Paternity actions for child support or visitation rights

Physical custody refers to the daily care and control of the child, including how many days the child lives with each parent. Legal custody refers to decision-making about the child's education, health care and religious upbringing. In most cases, the court awards joint legal custody and some form of joint physical custody (not necessarily 50-50 time with each parent). We make sure the court has all the facts when ruling on custody.

Initial Orders And Post-Divorce Modifications

We help you reach an agreement on the details of co-parenting, such as daily schedules, pick-up and drop-off, ground rules, communication with the other parent, holidays and summer vacation. We make sure that the amount of child support is fair and reasonable.

Our attorney also handles post-decree modifications of custody orders, child support or parenting time. For example, a parent with primary custody seeks court approval to relocate the children out of Ocean County. Or, a teenager wants to live with the other parent. Or, one parent's circumstances change, necessitating a change to the parenting schedule or an adjustment of child support.

We resolve these issues out of court when possible through negotiation or mediation. But some situations require court intervention. Our lawyer is prepared to go to court to fight for your right to be involved in your child's life, to protect your child from abuse or other threats, or to enforce court orders.

Why Turn To Turnbach?

Jay Turnbach is a certified matrimonial law attorney, a designation of the New Jersey Supreme Court in recognition of his experience, knowledge and adherence to professional standards. He is not only highly credentialed, but highly compassionate and committed to helping people. We invite you to a free initial consultation to discuss your family law issues. Call our Toms River law office at 732-335-7976 or contact us online.

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